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staff leasing

More flexibility

Ulmer Zeitarbeit offers fast help with economic fluctuations and staff bottle necks. Whether seasonal peak order times, project-specific knowhow, large orders or holiday season, in the event of sickness or with maternity leave: The assignment of workers on a temporary basis binds human resources for never longer than necessary. With us, risks of termination and losses are no longer an issue for you. This way you gain more flexibility and freedom of action in your human resources management. At the same time, you create jobs together with us to take the burden off the employment market.

The workers are permanently employed by Ulmer Zeitarbeit, and the assignment of them is to you in the company. We give our employees employment contracts in line with a collective agreement with the usual social contributions.

Your advantages at a glance

Absorbing peak order times and bridging bottle necks

When we lease staff, we provide you with specialists who support and strengthen your permanent workforce – fast, flexible, efficient and uncomplicated. You save yourselves the search for, selection and employment of staff. Besides saving money, you benefit at the same time from strong competitiveness, even when time is tight.

Payment for “productive” hours only

We employ the staff ourselves and you have no employer risk. At the same time, the leasing of staff means a safe assumption of costs for you because you will only be invoiced the actual hours worked.

Full access to our staff pool

You have full access to our staff pool from all sectors. From helpers to highly qualified skilled employees and managers, from commercial, technical, industrial and medical professions. We will provide you with staff that fulfils your requirements.

Possibility to take over workers for permanent employment

You get to know staff better in the working environment, than it would have been possible via an application. Assignments by us frequently lead to permanent employment contracts. Just speak to us if you would like to take over one of our employees in a permanent position. The takeover fee is reduced to zero, depending on the length of the “extended probationary period” covering the employment as a leased worker in your company. Therefore, there are no internal recruitment costs.


from one source.

The best people at your side – leave your personnel management up to the pros.

With a permanently high need of staff, recruiting, coordination and processing alone take up a lot of time and resources. Benefit from our on-site solution and invest the time you have saved in your own core competencies.

We are pros in the field of personnel management and support you as a permanent partner at your side.

We establish which specialists you need and which employees are ideal for you. If we are not able to fill your vacancies with our own resources, we will involve other suppliers and act as a central interface. This guarantees constant communication for you as well as continuous cost control. By fully integrating ourselves as a partner in your work and company processes, we offer you greater productivity at optimised costs.

Three things you can spare yourself – because we will see to them:

Requirement management: We will take care of the recording, fulfilling and management of staff requirements.
Assignment management: We assume responsibility for time recording, invoicing and the coordination of assignment changes.
Instruction and training: We make affiliated companies and candidates fit – e.g. for staff demands or time recording.
It would be our pleasure to explain to you in person how we can support your company through on-site solutions.


Save time and money.

Staff placement

Efficiency that pays off – trust in Ulmer Zeitarbeit when recruiting your new employees. Vacancies are basically a good sign. Yet only if they can also be filled quickly.

Ulmer Zeitarbeit selectively finds staff for permanent employment that fulfil the job profile you demand – inter-branch and fast.

After a mutual demand analysis and goal-setting, Ulmer Zeitarbeit takes over all steps of the recruiting process from A to Z: From drawing up the job specification and responsibilities over choice of media, placing an ad and identifying suitable candidates down to the job interview. You are spared the lengthy search and selection process.

Your advantages at a glance:

Your vacancies are filled by the right person
You save time and money
Above-average quality of applicants
Optimised reinforcement of your team
Combine the leasing of temporary workers and the provision of staff.

Ulmer Zeitarbeit provides you with the opportunity to get to know your new staff “on the job”. There is no takeover or conclusion of a contract until both sides are convinced. You determine the length of time! Make the most of this opportunity for your staff scheduling and secure a worker who really matches you.